Link building

Most of the fairy tales start with “A long time ago” and we could also use them to begin the story from aforetime (even before the Panda and Penguin debut), when websites were positioned by building thousands of link bases. After Panda and Penguin nothing was ever the same. Automatically generated links began to harm websites’ positions and subsequent updates force continuous research on conducted actions. And so link building based on thoughtless acquiring a large amount of links must be inserted where it belongs – between the bytes.

Nowadays, trends in the industry are set by the updates of Google algorithm and constant verification of the rightness of conducted actions is necessary to uphold our websites desired positions in search results. See how we work!

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We monitor the impact of using particular types of links on the effectiveness of our work regularly. We also examine their optimal application in specific kinds of activities, what gives us the knowledge on how to use the potential of given link best. Even though it may sound a bit complicated, our inside research and experiments on links not only bring us a lot of fun, but also the information enabling us closer acquaintance of the Google algorithm and possibilities that thoughtful link building has to offer.

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Off-site acquiring the most profitable links for your website is no coincidence. We posses the tools necessary to conduct a detailed harvesting of links and we always choose only the ones that allow us to gain the strongest, most interesting and unexploited links. Chosen reference sources must meet a lof of ours requirements. We verify domain rating, trust flow, citation flow, visibility, the number of outbound and incoming links, traffic, presence on anti-spam lists and the occurrence of dangerous phrases in the content of the pages.

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In order to ensure a long-lasting maintenance links on attractive web portals, we test their moderation and verify actions taken by their administrators, observing their reaction to deliberately clumsily inserted links. If a moderation of a given website works properly, then our too bold links (created on the model of unnatural links typical for linking machines), inserted to the test, are being removed. This means that our links obtained from a given page will be special in a way and therefore stronger than links possessed from various types of link farms and low-quality SEO backends.

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Planning a campaign

Preparing a strategy is the crucial element of our actions. Individually prepared plan of the campaign is sort of a compass, which enables us to achieve our goals. Excellent results scored by the campaigns created for our clients are results of scrupulous analysis of their websites’ needs and specifics of particular industries. We have created a set of inside procedures, which application allows us to prepare the most effective action plan for given customer possible.

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Good practices

The link building campaigns that we are entrusted with, we create in accordance with the best practices. We tend to your project as to our very own. We make a team after all, right? We will ensure a proper diversification of links and anchors, select and obtain only high-quality links for you and look after their stable growth. Gradual development of your website’s links will strengthen its position in Google search results.